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Honesty and Community, the Beginnings and the Future

Alan & Doug
Joel snaps a pic of Doug and Alan in the Dragon's Den
Honesty and community have always been the two abstract ingredients in making our sauces and condiments. The sauces have an honest heat. We print every ingredient we use right on the label and you'll never read extracts or powders or chemicals on there. There's community in every bottle too, each batch we make uses locally grown ingredients. Feedback from our community help shape the next main menu variety.

Honesty and community have also always been the driving forces behind our business decisions. The local farmers markets are where we make 70% of our profits. The local printshop Chase Graphics is a mile away from our HQ, and, yup, they print our labels and banners and signs and stickers.

But Chase is also where Doug and I met: I worked there while I was in school. He came in for printing but needed someone to get him started online as well. The timing was perfect, my partner Joel and I just got the LLC for our web design business. Since making his site back then, we've been Doug's go-to people for print ads, social media, POP, photography, email blasts, you name it.

I moved to Boston to work for some real advertising agencies and Joel started teaching at UConn, but Dragon's Blood has still been each of our favorite nights-and-weekends project.

In four years that flew by up here in Boston I've worked on some big food brands like Subway, Carrabba's, Bertucci's, Cosi, Ken's, and Cooked Perfect Meatballs, and I can tell you there's not a lot of honesty in food advertising. There's not a lot of honesty in any advertising, actually. I think people can see through dishonest ads (if they're not actively ignoring them already) and I think some of them are poisonous to society. 

I wrote a different (long) piece about Dragon's Blood and social media marketing last year. It was about a twitter takeover we did and I think it's worth a read (of course I do I spent forever on it). In it I talked a bit about brands pandering to people on social media and whether brands should be on social media at all. At the end of the day, I think companies have to be out there talking about their products; how else would we ever get the word out about our good sauces? We just have to do it honestly and 'with people', not 'at people'.

Anyway, this new online home for Dragon's Blood that Joel and I worked on with this blog and improved ordering and inventory tracking from Shopify is our newest chapter with Dragon's Blood. With it, we'll keep on making content honestly and with the community and we know Doug will do the same with the sauces and the company.

On this blog you can expect posts straight from Doug about the next specialty sauces, which events he's gearing up for, etc. You'll also see some posts from Joel and I with ads, photos, and maybe even a couple series of short films. You might also see some posts straight from...you! In the name of community I'd love to involve our friends. Pitch me with your ideas at alan.duda@gmail.com and lets make some fun online #content together.