Shipping Changes. Our shipping rates (and the best deal for you) have changed a bit. [learn more]

Price Increases

The Post Office's holiday surcharge has recently kicked in which results in an increase of our shipping subsidy to .75 cents. They say it's temporary, but last year they increased base rates in Feb. as well.

Adding to the pain is a 10-15% increase across the board in our costs–ingredients, bottles, boxes and packing materials, etc.

To compensate, we're keeping the shipping rates the same, but raising our prices a smidge. The per bottle price increases to $8.50 from $8. The Case of 12 will be $85, up from $82. The GIFTBOX code for a pack of four is still a fair deal for all involved, it will still take $5 off an order of 4 bottles.

The price increases go live on 10/20. Thank you for sticking with us through the years.