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Hot Sauce Singles Series Vol. 1

Hot Sauce Singles Series // Raheem Recess

Brooklyn rapper Raheem Recess kicks off our new Hot Sauce Singles Series. RR was nice enough to answer a few questions as well:

What's the story behind this track?

I made this song to give back that "New York" feeling and inspire kids that listen to Hip Hop to believe in themselves no matter what statistics say or even what some rappers tell them. The world is huge and opportunities are endless.

This song samples a speech by George H.W. Bush. Why'd you decide to do that?

I just felt that the Bush administration at that time was very interesting, from him doing a stint at the end of the Reagan era to Desert Storm and a lot of new world order ideas it stood out to me after I did some research.

We first heard of you on Kool A.D.'s 100-song mixtape 'OK'. How'd you link up with him?

I met Kool A.D. through some mutual friends and did a short role in his video for "Fresh Prince" as Jazz and enjoyed his artistic views. We met up and made a couple organic tracks. He's a good dude.

What's your favorite food to put hot sauce on?

I would say chicken 'cuz that's a no-brainier but a nice plate of salmon and mashed potatoes is firey with some hot sauce, lol.

Follow us on twitter and retweet the tweet below to win a bottle of Hot Sauce Singles Series sauce. Since it's the first track, we figured we'd go with DBE Original. We'll pick a winner next week at 10:00pm Eastern on Friday May 6th.