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About Us

Meet Doug

This is Doug. He's the Master Alchemist. The Supreme Sauce Sommelier. The Chief Chef. He makes the sauce and runs the whole operation.

In the '80s, Doug was a travelling chef for touring metal bands. In the '90s Doug was the head chef of a private intermediate school. In 2009 Doug started Dragon's Blood Elixir. 

Doug's sauces are always honest; he never uses extracts or guar gum.

Doug's sauces use local ingredients. We're talking seriously-local...bring him a box of peppers from your backyard garden and he'll make a sauce out of it for you. Here's a quick list of some of Doug's favorite partners:

    Woodstock Orchards

      A bushel of peppers from Woodstock Orchards 

      Meet the Rest of Us

      In December of 2009 Doug met us (Alan+Joel). We're typing this page up right now. We made Doug his first website back then and Doug made us his go-to ad agency.

      And in 2013 Doug hired his niece full-time. Katie Hotpeppers handles local sales, when she's not on the road at a farmer's market she's holding down the Dragon's Den in Putnam.

      So that's all 4 of us. You've met the makers. No factories, no fancy machines, just good people and good sauces.

      Where can I find your sauces?

      • Right here on this site!
      • Our HQ at CLiCK (41 Club Rd. Windham, CT)
      • Farmers' Market Circuit Schedule
      • Some cool locally-owned stores might carry us but there is no master retail list. Your best bet will be buying from Doug directly, whether it's here, at the HQ or on the road!