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The Dragon's Blood Origin Story

In the medieval art/science of alchemy dragon’s blood was a key but elusive ingredient in the miracle “elixir of life”. Today the spirit of this rare substance is to be found in Dragon’s Blood Elixir - a modern cure-all. Like the patent medicines of the last age; 'It’s good for what ails you.'

In 1985 I was touring as a chef with a series of rock and roll bands. One of the other chefs gave me a habanero pepper from his garden. I was astounded by the heat. Several years later I started experimenting with making sauces with peppers grown by the owner of a small country restaurant here in Connecticut. Using the local apple cider as a key ingredient was a natural step. I found a rubber stamp of a fire breathing dragon at a tag sale, and the Dragon’s Blood Elixir name was coined.

This was the first of a series of flavors developed over the years. Future sauces we made include Mango Ginger, Pineapple, Coconut Lime Curry, Chipotle, and Sesame Garlic Teriyaki. This specialty line of sauces is called Unique Destiny in tribute to the Hyde School, a place where I and several generations of students and faculty have discovered their own unique potential.

I believe in producing my sauces in small numbered batches. This allows me to assure you that I have tasted every batch before it is bottled. It also allows for some slight variation due to the seasonal nature of some of the ingredients. These sauces are made to go with food. If you are looking for pain, eat a fresh habanero: that’ll do it.

Your feedback is important to me and the success of this business. I can’t do it without you. Please post your comments to the facebook page, I am always listening. Stay tuned; the adventure is just beginning.