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Hot Sauce Singles Vol. 3

Hot Sauce Singles Series Volume 3: Audrey Harrer

Alt-chamber composer/harpist/vocalist Audrey Harrer's song "Easy Tiger" from her latest album Alphabet Rain is the newest Hot Sauce Single.

We paired "Easy Tiger" with our Mango Ginger flavor. The pineapple and mango purees keep the habañeros and ginger in check.
I first saw Audrey perform at Andy Abrahmson's art show at home.stead in Dorchester last month and was fascinated by her set. She played a harp and keyboard through an intense looping pedal set-up and built her songs up riff by riff. To hear her compose each part of the song and loop them individually was pretty intimate; it's like the audience gets to see behind the curtain and experience how each piece becomes whole.
Audrey was kind enough to answer a few questions about her life, her music and food:
You moved from Shenandoah Valley in rural Virginia to Boston to study music composition at Berklee, right? Was it an easy transition for you?
Easy… no… exciting, yes! I actually came to Boston by way of NYC. I moved there when I was 18 and spent most of my teenage years planning that moment. Getting by was difficult– I waited tables and sold music gear. I left the city and traveled for a bit, and learned that I was accepted to Berklee while in Rome. I found Boston to be a great place– enough so that I have stayed ever since! I’ve made an incredibly supportive circle of friends and I love the artistic community in this city.
You've been a part of so much work in a bunch of different creative fields beyond music. Is it all fun? Is there any part of it that feels like work and less like play?
Well, I think if you are really making an effort at anything, it always feels like a personal challenge. Also, working in different fields means you’re not always going to be an expert at what you are trying to do– which can be tough but it’s always a growth experience. I’m grateful for each opportunity I get to make things, and I hope that eventually all of these experiences combine to become a unique personal artistic language.
Do you have a secret trick to overcoming creative mental blocks?
Drink wine and sing in a Morrissey accent.
You're kicking off a bit of a tour with stops in NYC, Philly, VA and DC later this month, what's your favorite on-the-road meal?
I always try to plan time to meet with friends and sample delicious spots. This past year some memorable stops have been Prune in NYC, Compass Rose in DC, Hen of the Woods in Burlington, VT, Kismet in Montpelier, VT, The Grange in Providence, RI, and Duckfat in Portland, ME. Also, the thing about DIY touring is that you often crash with friends, who in my experience tend to offer amazing breakfasts (thanks guys!).
Mild, medium or burn-your-tongue off?
Preference is relative to size and context. Small bites and spicy sweets and can be super hot, while I prefer normal plates with a kick, but not too fiery :)
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