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Hot Sauce Singles Vol. 4

Hot Sauce Singles Series // Dragon's Blood Elixir & Feels Duo

The Hot Sauce Singles Series is back with a track called 'Foolish Too' from the Electronic/Indie group from Portland Feels Duo.

The Feels Duo duo is vocalist Charlie Moses and producer Amaze 88 and the track 'Foolish Too' is a single on their debut self-titled album. We paired the song with the the ultra-rare (now sold-out) Nectarine of the Gods sauce, so after you give the song a listen make sure you enter the contest for your chance at a bottle below.

We also got a chance to chat with Charlie and Amaze 88:

Tell me about Feels Duo. This new self-titled EP is your first project together, right? How'd you guys meet?
A88: We met via instagram, I discovered she sang and asked if she wanted to collab. The rest is history. 
CM:  Feels Duo’s mine and G’s [Amaze 88's real name is Gerald] lil music baby. We took our abilities and mashed em together—G makes the beats, I come up with the melodies, harmonies, and lyrics. I was a big fan of G’s beatmaking—found him through Kool A.D. and started following him on Instagram. I’d posted some snippets of vocal takes I was using for a new album and he hit me up and asked if I wanted to do chorus work for a project he was doing. It evolved from there and I was STOKED when he hit me up. 
Your videos for 'Bigot' and 'Foolish Too' are incredible. You both have some legit credentials in the video world. Are the processes of songwriting and videomaking similar for you? Do you approach the two artforms in the same way in terms of planning and executing?
CM:  Ah man thank you! Ummm I’d say they’re pretty different for me. With music I like to write on the fly—see what comes out organically without pushing too hard. With video production there’s a lot of planning. I start with a concept—an idea of what I want the video to be about, then start assembling a cast & crew, break down each scene into specific shots… Music I kinda puke out whatever’s in me then keep reworking it until I feel like I’ve got something solid. 
A88:  I tend to plan more on the visuals than the music. The music is more organic. When both of them collide it can either be ok or awesome. I shoot for awesome.
Charlie, I love your voice. There's not a question here, really. Should I ask about your inspirations? Your training?
CM:  Thank you! Buttering me up over here! As far as training goes I think it’s mostly that I’ve always been singing. I grew up singing at my family’s church and I was in choir throughout school. My voice sits pretty low which left me uncomfortable with traditional female choral parts. In high school I had an amazing choir teacher who let me sing in the tenor section with the boys. I think that was where I really found my voice. And inspirations are a bit of a cross pollination for me. To rattle off a few I’ll say bell hooks’ cultural critique, Patti Smith’s novels, Eileen Myles’ poetry, and Karen Carpenter’s voice...
Amaze 88 raps too. D'ya think introducing that element will be something that will show up in future Feels Duo songs?
A88: The first go around i wanted to showcase Charlie's voice and talent for songwriting. So I didn't want any features. In the future we can definitely have more fingers in the pot. But it always comes down to what the track needs.
Charlie, in addition to being an accomplished singer/songwriter, you own and operate a coffeehouse in Portland. What's the shop's specialty? Anything spicy on the menu?
CM:  It’s true! haha yeah I started Kenilworth 5 years ago. It’s pretty straight up coffee shop fare—pastries, espresso… that sorta thing. The roasted pepper quiche is about as spicy as we get. Starting and maintaining this business has been the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve done. My golden birthday is coming up on November 30th and I’m actually gonna shut down it down then. I’m ready for a new chapter—something else for my 30’s. I’ll be setting out on a solo tour in the Winter & Spring. Maybe sneak some leisurely travel in there. 
Amaze 88, I discovered you through all your Kool A.D. collabs. Is the process of making a song with Charlie similar to the process of making a song with Vic?
A88: Making music with Kool is about as smooth as a highway in the middle of the night. There's no barriers and he's so quick with writing. As for Charlie she's similar, there's no clogs just pure energy. So if she's feeling the music the words come together perfectly. 
What's next up for Feels Duo? Shows? More music?
A88: We're hoping for merch, a couple shows would be nice but nothing solid. 
CM: Yeah, a show or two would be real fun—you'd just have to get us in the same place at the same time! I’ve got ideas swirling for another album. Like G said, maybe some features on this next one, but nothing set in stone. I’m looking forward to the wide-openness. 
Favorite food for hot sauce, go!
CM: Breakfasssstttt! Any savory breakfast I eat will be swimming in hot sauce.
A88: l like to eat with my hands, sandwiches, tacos burritos etc...I like small batches of hot sauce so collabing with you guys is perfect! But if I were to go with a commercial hot sauce it would be huy fong garlic chili sauce.