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The Story of Katie's New Sauce, "The Pink Label"

Katie -- The Pink Label

Hey DBE fans, Katie here! You may have met me out and about at a market or a show. If you haven't, I'm chef Doug's apprentice in the kitchen and heiress to the throne but for now I spend most of my time schmoozing at markets and encouraging people to expand their horizons and test their limits. The story of my first sauce, "The Pink Label" starts at a market, actually. And it goes a little like this:

Not too long ago, at a market not too far away, I was sampling sauces with one of my regular customers. As we approached a heat level that was a little higher than he was accustomed to he remarked that he was surprised that it still tasted good. I assured him that Doug only makes sauces that taste good and that his goal isn't to test your body's ability to stay alive.

After a bit (and after taking the heat down a few notches) he suggested we make a sauce marketed for women because "hot sauce is kind of a men's thing".

At first I was a little offended because I, along with a lot of other ladies I know, actually like my hot sauce HOT. And then I realized, hot sauce really is marketed to men- with hyped up, super masculine names and label illustrations that are almost impossible to live up to. If I taste something called Satan's Flaming Death Sauce or whatever and live to tell about it I feel a little let down.

But then I was inspired! We do things differently at Dragon's Blood. Our packaging doesn't brag or scream. It doesn't threaten or promise. It doesn't have to. Doug's sauces speak (eloquently) for themselves and there is something for everyone. Hot sauce isn't just for men. The Pink Label isn't just for women.

The Pink Label is the Sauce du Jour right now, and I hope you'll try it! And like I always say: it doesn't hurt forever!

Lots of love!


The Pink Label is no longer the Sauce du Jour, but it is still available in the Valentine's Box of Hot Sauce (even though it's not Valentine's Day anymore) while supplies last!