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Flight of Dragons (Game Box)

Flight of Dragons (Game Box)

$ 70.00

This box of 6 is our way of bringing the farmers market tasting experience to you. Flavor is always the key and the sauces will increase in heat as you progress, there will be sniffles. Sauce choice is up to the Dragons but you can influence the selection by using the "Special instructions for seller" box on check out (a great way to list allergies). Tell us if you are looking for heat, feeling adventurous, prefer fruity sauces or just tell us some favorite flavor profiles. We'll do the rest!

$70, shipping included. To get the free shipping, do not add any other products to your cart. 50 boxes available to start, one box per order, please.

Like Calvinball, there’s no wrong way to play Flight of Dragons. The game master can make up their own rules. We've included 4 game suggestions to start things off for you. Tweak the rules, make new ones, design a whole new game...your quest is yours for the making!

Spicy Trivial Pursuit
A trivia game to test your knowledge and your heat tolerance.

Hot Streak
A game of chance, where creativity and bravery are rewarded.

Top Spicy Chef Holiday Party
Spice up your holiday get-together this year with a cooking contest!

Lair Heist
A role-playing game inspired by our friend Cameron M. A game master will guide a group of thieves through a journey to steal the horde from the towne's mighty dragon.

Dice, cards, spoons and pen not included.