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It's Cryin' Time Again

It's Cryin' Time Again

$ 8.50

You might've noticed we've been out of Don't Fear the Reaper for a while. We've had a bit of a Reaper shortage this season. Doug's concocted a 15+ screamer to take its place. He made a pepper mash dubbed CLiCK Garden Grown Apocalypse, stuffed full of Moruga and Scorpion peppers, Chocolate, Red & Yellow Seven Pots, Death Spirals, Reapers, Ghost peppers, Scotch Bonnets, Brazillian Starfish and Puma Pimentas.

Oh yes, It's cryin' time again. Not at the expense of flavor though, like some Reaper sauces. The apple cider vinegar, apple cider syrup, and apple puree provide a nice backbeat to this superhot sauce.


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