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$ 125.00
We want to keep the energy of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo flowing and give the hard core aficionados who couldn't get to the gig a shot at these spectacular flavors. VIPcentric, this selection is available in a real quick window before they get added to The Secret Menu. We're only selling 24 of these boxes!
You'll get a box of 12 of the most flavorful sauces left and I guarantee that there won't be a dud in the box.
But Wait! There's More! We'll include everything we were giving away; coffee mugs, note pads, stickers and a couple of the desperately hot Reaper/Scorpion Gummy Bears.
If there is a flavor you can't live without, write it in the message field and I'll do my damndest to include it. If you need to ask for a list of these sauces, I'd have to question your aficionado credentials but I'll also include an introduction to the Dragon's Digest, absolutely essential reading.