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Valentine's Box of Hot Sauce

Valentine's Box of Hot Sauce

$ 32.75

This year, spice it up and get a Box of Hot Sauce instead of a Box of Chocolates for $32.75 (shipping included).

This year's Vday lineup includes:

  • The ever popular, keenly awaited Vampire's Valentine. Bright, Bold and Beety with a reputable Habanero bite followed by roasted garlic and ginger undertones (this is about an 8 on the 2-15 scale).
  • This year we're accompanying the VV with a classy mole- Bittersweet Chocolate Chipotle- this is a great cooking sauce, think chili and taco beans. The slightly non-traditional addition of bittersweet chocolate and apples takes out some of the harshness of a classic mole sauce (call this one a 4 on the 2-15 scale).
  • Next is a fun one- Cherries Jubilee is an old timey dessert sauce attributed to Escoffier, invented for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in the 1800's. Complicated and showy, this dish was a staple in the tableside flambé age, I actually did the rolling cart/ starched white jacket presentation back in my nightclub days. This version has a hearty black cherry, mango and apple profile with some scorpion and ghost peppers, primarily scotch bonnets (this one rates a 10 on the 2-15 scale). Traditionally served flaming over ice cream with an obsequious flourish, try using this in a cobbler, as a glaze for duck, pork or chicken.

Only 58 boxes available, order yours quick!

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