Valentine's Box of Hot Sauce

Valentine's Box of Hot Sauce

$ 20.00

This year, spice it up and get a Box of Hot Sauce instead of a Box of Chocolates.

For $20 (plus shipping) you'll get the following 3 limited-run bottles:

The Pink Label Yeah, we brought it back. This time, it's even hotter. Reapers, Ghosts, Scorpions, Habaneros...this sauce is no joke. Read the origin story behind Katie's sauce here.

Vampire's Valentine This bright sauce came about two Valentine's Days ago. It's got beets, roasted garlic and just a hint of ginger added to the award winning Stone Soup's pepper mash. Brilliant color and flavor with a habanero bite. Use this to make a startlingly purple chicken or a glorious hummus.

Chocolate Satay Like a spicy peanut butter cup. Use this as a non-traditional mole...or on ice cream.