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2016 Year in Review

This year we launched a new website with an expanded offering of sauces. Sales have been strong with some of the new flavors emerging as customer favorites. The top three sellers have been Original, Smoky Maple Garlic Bacon and Wild Elephant Deterrent. The small batch philosophy lives on in the Farmers Market Seasonal sauces (check out the Sauce du Jour) and we’re working on methods of sharing these with you.

Our new kitchen at the CLiCK facility has streamlined production and the addition of a grant financed bottling machine will allow us to produce more sauce.

The spectacular accolades DBE received this year have helped solidify the direction the company will take in the future. ILoveItSpicy.com has awarded us a highly coveted Lenny award: Stone Soup was named 'Product of the Year'. Chilehead Scott Roberts told the world that Dragons Blood Elixir is his favorite hot sauce of all time. Beyond the hot sauce circles we made some waves, too: the Hartford Courant picked me as one of July's Greater Hartford Players and Buzzfeed called us one of the 32 underrated hot sauces that you need to try

More brick and mortar shops than ever have Dragon's Blood on their shelves in 2016. Do you have a favorite specialty shop that needs DBE on the shelf? Have them shoot us a line.

A couple more cool things to talk about- if you’ve got a favorite local band looking for some non-traditional exposure, have we got a venue for you: the Hot Sauce Singles Series. In 2016 we released new music from Raheem Recess, The Refectory and Audrey Harrer and we're hoping to keep the tunes coming in 2017. 

And stay tuned for Katie’s first sauce: “The Pink Label”. This is a wicked sauce, it gives the Wild Elephant Deterrent a challenge.