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Congrats! You're one of the select few that have found the Secret Menu. Place a 'Sauce du Jour' item into your cart and type the code(s) below for the sauce(s) you want in the "Special instructions for seller" box. Just make sure your quantities match the number of codes you typed in and you're good. Apocalyptic Reaper- Picture An absolute screamer, Scorpions, Reapers and Chocolate 7 pots with a nectarine and pear backbeat (the hottest on the heat scale: full 15) (AR) Pumpkin Curry- Picture Sugar Pumpkins, Green and Yellow Zucchini, Coconut Milk and Stone Soup Hot Pepper Mash (6 on the 2-15 heat scale) (PC)Rosy Red Apple - Picture We make this sauce every fall for our local orchard. This year's batch features 8 varieties of...

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