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Congrats! You're one of the select few that have found the Secret Menu. Place a 'Sauce of the Month' item into your cart and type the code(s) below for the sauce(s) you want in the "Special instructions for seller" box. Just make sure your quantities match the number of codes you typed in and you're good. Blackberry Lime Rickey- More frequently than you might credit, something serendipitous influences the flow of the sauce. A case in point, a nationally known food retailer that is not to be named rejected a shipment of blackberries and we were in a position to salvage them. Some judicious sorting resulted in several gallons of glorious blackberry puree. Dark, rich berry flavor and color with strong...

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GIFTBOX Discount Code Updates

Since the launch of our new site, we've offered a GIFTBOX discount code to get $5 off any 4 bottles. This was to encourage what was the easiest, most efficient and safest shipping option - our 4-bottle box packed tightly in a USPS bubble mailer. Shipping glass bottles is always a little bit tricky, but that setup has been historically the one with the least breakage.Due to some changes in USPS mailers, we are making some changes to the GIFTBOX discount. The new slightly smaller and thinner bubble mailers don't adequately keep our 4-pack box as safe as the old ones did. Our 3-pack box is now the best and safest option. We are eliminating the GIFTBOX discount code for...

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Order Surge

A surge of orders from an offhand mention in the latest episode of Last Podcast on the Left has us busy! Expect a couple extra days for your order until we catch up.

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