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GIFTBOX Discount Code Updates

Since the launch of our new site, we've offered a GIFTBOX discount code to get $5 off any 4 bottles. This was to encourage what was the easiest, most efficient and safest shipping option - our 4-bottle box packed tightly in a USPS bubble mailer. Shipping glass bottles is always a little bit tricky, but that setup has been historically the one with the least breakage.

Due to some changes in USPS mailers, we are making some changes to the GIFTBOX discount. The new slightly smaller and thinner bubble mailers don't adequately keep our 4-pack box as safe as the old ones did. Our 3-pack box is now the best and safest option.

We are eliminating the GIFTBOX discount code for orders of 4 bottles, and starting a GIFTBOX discount code for orders of 3 bottles. If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, the Case of 12 for $85 after shipping is the best deal per bottle.

Starting 3/12/21 orders of 4 bottles will cost $41.95 after shipping and the discount code will no longer apply.

Starting 3/12/21 orders of 3 bottles will cost $30 after shipping when using the GIFTBOX discount code at checkout. 

Thanks for your continued support!